The current situation in the European Union, on the European continent and within the neighboring countries is worrying. Not only does it look like our political establishment is shivering of fear due to extreme movements of different backgrounds, but also does Europe becomes less and less the place for investment.


The effect is simplified explained like this:

Lack of investment life-cycle (H.M.)
Lack of investment life-cycle (H.M.)

The lack of investment leads to a lower standard in economic competition, which then leads to higher costs for fighting brain drain.

This leads to lower willingness to pay accurately for non-high-profile employees.

The lack of income of this group leads to a lower consumption capacity, which triggers social discomfort, which leads to extreme movements of different backgrounds, which leads to lack of investments.

At the same time the investment is part of another more global life-cycle. Currently highly disregarded in the search for growth effective measures:

Vision life-cycle (H.M)
Vision life-cycle (H.M)

The vision life-cycle is the fundament of every healthy investment culture. It shows how investment can be triggered and what it will deliver.

Perspective is the vision of the future which is perceived by the people living in the described region.

A negative perspective triggers unreliable but decreasing consumption rates, which lead to lower willingness to invest.

One could say, that dooms-day for the economy would be the day when Europe becomes a fragmented and autocratic, fully bordered disenfranchised society.

In economic terms this would mean that there would be no consumption to trigger.

As consumption today is based on the behavior of the individual personality developing customer, a disenfranchised society means that the personal development of the individual customer is not happening. Which means that if there is no personality to develop, there is no consumption to trigger. If there is no consumption to trigger, there is no growth.

A positive perspective triggers – like sunlight – the common feeling that times will become better or are to stay good in the foreseeable future. They trigger the willingness to invest and level up consumption rates.

A positive perspective allows to develop ideas which are solution orientated instead of fighting about symptoms.

Well-developed ideas are the base of well informed and sustainable decisions. These decisions are the framework for the roadmap to put a positive perspective regarding the implementation.

A sophisticated and realistic roadmap, is equal to a qualified opportunity, it says “The deal is there!”.

This is when a positive perspective triggers investment, which then triggers the creation and preservation of jobs, which again lead to a better perspective.

The current situation does pretty much look like a negative perspective.

It is therefore that this blog will bring up a positive perspective on how to get out of the vicious circle of losing money.