about the author

Hans Mund was born 1984 in Simmerath, Germany.

He has started studying law in Trier, but soon changed to politics and history. He then worked three years in the European political sphere in Brussels as researcher and self-employed communication specialists for young Europeans. After the European Parliament elections in 2014 he moved back to Bonn to start a career in requirements engineering in the IT sector currently working for adesso AG.

Since 2011 he has created several projects in political communication and news distribution.

The re-invent-europe project is orientated towards bringing the European economy back on its feet and running by making use of tested ideas, which, when combined, are solutions for profitable investments today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Hans Mund considers himself as well-being capitalist.

He likes to pay for high quality products, which provide an added value and are sustainable.

In short: Products worth the invested money.

He hates to pay for things which are neither of high-quality and sustainable nor functioning.

The latter is connected to the idea of paying taxes.

There is nothing wrong with paying a share of the own income to the society in order to do something useful, which helps, supports or brings further the society with its different people.

Paying for non-functioning, inefficient, not solution orientated and insufficient band aid solutions, however is considered a waste of hard earned money, which needs to be stopped.

Well-being is not just about individual perception of one being well, but much more about economic souvereignity of the one indivudual.