new ways for Europe – the digital streets of tomorrow

Roads today

  • Existing all over Europe
  • Core infrastructure for traffic & transport in Europe
  • In one piece (tar or concrete)
  • Is monofunctional
  • Is affected by the weather
  • Does not or barely use sideways, green or similar
  • Provides too little parking space
  • Fosters traffic jams through stiff traffic routing
  • Location of environmental pollution through CO2 emissions & sound
  • Cost intense
    • Construction
    • Maintenance

Roads in Europe cost money, but: Roads in Europe must be modernized

Roads tomorrow

  • Existing all over Europe
  • Forms the core infrastructure in Europe for electricity, digital communication, fresh- & wastewater
  • Is multi-functional
  • Is weather independent
  • Uses the whole roadside space for electricity & noise insulation
  • Can automatically generate parking space
  • Reduces the likelihood of traffic jams & accidents through an intelligent traffic management system
  • Supports the reduction of CO2 emissions & noise pollution
  • Writes off itself early even with maintenance

Basis for a Europe wide electricity and charging station network & the development of autonomous traffic.

The Fundament

  • made of MAS stones
Modular Composition System (MAS) invented by PolyCare Research Technology GmbH & Co. KG. All Rights reserved.
Modular Composition System (MAS) invented by PolyCare Research Technology GmbH & Co. KG. All Rights reserved.
  • In the sides: lines (electricity, water, communication)
Cable-Corridor by
Cable-Corridor by
  • On top: the road

The road ________________________

  • modular constructionsolar-roadways-presented-by-rk-12-638
  • Every module consists of
    • Surface layer
    • LED & heat conductor layer
    • Electrode layer chip, scales, sensors, GPS (or similar) etc.
    • Base plate



  • conical wind power plants
  • build in rows divided by hedges


The charging stations of tomorrow

  • Basis for Europe-wide electricity network
  • Network of batteries/charging stations on the whole European continent
  • Can be clustered
  • Saves derived energy charging station design charging station design
  • Offshore wind power stations at coast side
  • Solar power from the Mediterranian
  • Solar Roads
  • Conical wind power plants at roadside
  • Can be exchanged at low costs
  • Can be operated by private persons (Recharge at your neighbours)
  • Can be charged through road electricity (wind & sun)

Opening of up of new business areas through private electricity  trading


  • Controllable traffic control system
  • Volume of traffic can be analyzed live
  • Supports camera analysis
  • Speed limits can be adjusted to actual traffic
  • LEDs road signs can be used to adjusted lanes according to traffic or needs
Possibilities to control traffic
Safer traffic through LEDs inside the road
Safer traffic through LEDs inside the road
  • Speed & load violations can be recognized live
  • Road can inform the traffic control center about objects on the road with exact location
  • Road can communicate with vehicles

Provides autonomous & half-autonomous vehicles the possibility to receive & read data regarding other vehicles, objects, traffic rules, weather etc.

  • Wifi & radio from the road
  • The road can communicate the exact location and event to traffic control center
    • Possibility of the regional- & rest marketing of the road through information binding to modules
  • Support of constituting alleys through visual identification for drivers & transmission of information to vehicles
  • Decreases the flooding danger
  • Decreases the risk of accidents caused by ice & snow
  • Potholes can be exchanged individually
    • Shortens the repair phase

      Solarroadways panels heated to melt snow
      Solarroadways panels heated to melt snow
    • No need to scarify the roads
    • Decreases the maintenance costs
  • Draining oil can be absorbed directly
    • Reduces environmental protection costs
    • Road can discharge water & can be heated


  • Wind power plants can be set directly to the roadside
    • Low sound pollution, not problematic for environment on highways
    • No interference of the landscape
    • Traffic provides steady wind
    • Traffic sound pollution is minimized through hedges between wind power plants for road environment
  • Wind & solar power can supply the electricity network with current from the fundament
    fundament digital road own example
    • Development of an electronic system¬†below the road surface
    • Fewer above earth high-voltage cables
    • Lower sensitivity towards objects in cables
Kommunale Netzwerke Eifel - Hauptschlagader
Kommunale Netzwerke Eifel – Hauptschlagader
  • Supports the development of a power charging network
    • Saving of energy at peak times in charging station network
    • Transfer of electricity through charging station network when needed
    • Minimizes the range problem of vehicles
  • Amortizes itself
    • Wind & solar power can be sold
    • Revenue through advertisement via modules


We have to build it.

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