re-invent europe is the blog for a movement which doesn’t see the solution for the current situation in Europe and around the world in talking politics. But in promoting solutions which deliver economic measureable and scalable growth.

The behavior of the European political establishment is brought to a halt by the fear of being overwhelmed by xenophobic, intolerant and extreme groups of different backgrounds. This leads to the rise of backwards looking ideas, which put every investment into jeopardy.

The political climate on the European continent and it neighbours is investment unfriendly and leads to less and less investment, which starts to erode the society on the continent as a whole.

The lack of sustainable solutions to a whole bunch of current situations devaluates the European continent as place of investment. While at the same time it promotes the decrease of the return of investment due to lower spending capacity of the greater population.

The solution to most of the problems, be it unsatisfied voters, rising social unrest or political instability due to disintegrating movements can be achieved by re-thinking, re-defining and re-inventing the world in which Europeans and their neighbours live today on all levels.

This blog supports forward-looking ideas for transport and energy to bring Europe from an unstable today to a sustainable tomorrow. The simple goal:

Make Europe an efficient, profit-yielding and sustainable the place to invest.